Artless /ˈɑːtləs/: without effort or pretentiousness; natural and simple.
Artless Collective was created from a shared love of beautiful things and the never ending search for the perfect go-to dress. Our collections epitomise femininity whilst being practical and comfortable. We design versatile pieces that can be worn for any and every occasion.
Cue the Lucy dress! 
The ethos behind our brand is to create wardrobe staples that are bra friendly with hemlines that are that little bit longer. Each piece is created to effortlessly compliment the female form, allowing for movement and comfort without compromising the aesthetic. 
Our garments are made with environmentally conscious fabrics that are ethically produced in Australia. We don’t create large collections and believe our individual pieces are investments for your wardrobe that can be worn anytime, anywhere.
We’re all about embracing the female spirit and believe the Artless woman is strong, practical, feminine and a whole lotta fun!
Tess & Di xo